About Turbine

The rise of personalized medicine led to the appearance of targeted drugs in clinical practice, especially in cancer. However, single drug therapies do not result in satisfactory clinical benefits. Treatments that cost upwards of $50,000 per patient often result in a slim, 2-3% increase in overall survival rates.

Combination therapies boost treatment effectiveness and decrease the cost of saving a life. They are one of the best weapons against cancer. But designing them is exceedingly difficult.Years of basic research, costly in vitro experiments and clinical trials are needed to validate a single combination - with low success rates.


Szabolcs Nagy


Prior to joining Turbine, Szabolcs has launched Tresorit, the world’s leading cloud security startup, and helped develop Webicina, a platform that helps chronically ill patients manage their conditions. He brings extensive product management and marketing experience to Turbine, and is responsible for building a successful business from its disruptive technology.

Dániel Veres, MD


Dániel is the creator of the first compartmentalized protein-protein interaction database, with years of experience building computational models in order to understand the behaviour of human cells. As a medical doctor, Daniel translates computational results into clinical interpretations, indispensable to design innovative and relevant treatments to defeat cancer.

Kristóf Szalay, PhD


Kristóf is the inventor of Turbine’s treatment designer AI. An expert in artificial intelligence with a strong background in biology, he started his research to combat aging by understanding the inner workings of cells. After realizing that personalized care in oncology needs a platform to design effective therapies based on molecular data, he repurposed Turbine to fight cancer instead.

Iván Fekete

Chief Scientist

As the creator of Turbine’s Simulated Cell, Iván is an expert in network medicine and modeling protein-protein interactions. His training as a medical doctor provide a deep insight into hematology, oncology and immunology that ensure Turbine’s predictions are biologically accurate.


Péter Csermely, D.Sc.

As a co-founder of Turbine, Peter supports the team with his decades-long experience in biochemical networks, drug design and building of biotech startups. His accomplishments include Fogarty, Howard Hughes, Templeton and Rockefeller Scholarships, as well as membership of the Hungarian Academy. As president of the European Council for High Ability, he has access to a large network of talented people to build and expand Turbine.


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