Design effective cancer combination therapies
using artificial intelligence

Turbine designs interventions to defeat cancer, screening
millions of possible drug combinations on Simulated Cells.

“The first attempt at an integrative view of the effects of
cancer mutations, long missing in molecular biology.”

Stuart Kauffman, past MacArthur Fellow, founder of Transforming Medicine Institute

Turbine's services help bring effective treatments
to cancer patients faster

  • 8
    million leads screened in a day on a cancer cell line or patient tumor
  • 4
    Weeks to test every combination of FDA approved cancer therapies
  • 3
    Years potential extension to drug lifetime with in silico trial design
  • 5
    Patients' sequenced data needed to simulate any cancer type

Turbine's AI realistically models therapy response on millions of cells

The Turbine Simulated Cell

The past century’s biochemical knowledge is built into our Simulated Cell, a network of more than 1100 well-described signaling and cancer related proteins, including all hallmarks of cancer.

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Customizing cells to disease or patient

Simulated Cells are tailored to cell line, tissue or patient with several OMICS layers. This includes mutational and expression data to ensure in silico cells exhibit the characteristic behaviors of live ones.

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Designing interventions with AI

Simulated Cells are treated with all likely treatment combinations in silico by an artificial intelligence. The AI analyzes so-called attractor landscapes, which show the most likely cell states – like apoptosis - after certain combination treatments.

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